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The following videos address some commonly asked questions by Buyers and Sellers

What is a CDD fee?

This video explains what a CDD fee is and how it is paid. CDD fees do impact a buyer's overall monthly payment but typically are present in popular and desirable neighborhoods that do come with perks. 

What is a Mortgage Escrow Account?

In this video I explain what a mortgage escrow account is and how taxes and insurance are paid by your mortgage company if you have an escrow account for those items. 

Florida Homestead Property Exemption


​This is a must watch video for anyone purchasing in Florida and living in their home as a primary residence.

Why you might actually want an HOA

Many buyers say they do not want to purchase in an HOA neighborhood because of the many negative things they have heard. However, HOA's are not all bad- watch this video to determine if an HOA neighborhood may or may not be the right choice for you.

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